TANAKA Tazuko 田中田鶴子


Title : microcosm 8
Size : 162cm×130cm
Oil on canvas
Not signed
Exhibited at São Paulo biennale in 1961
Painted in 1961

In 1913, she was born at Inchon, Korea and had grown up in Qingdao, China until 16 years old.

She graduated from Tama Art college, and won the prize in Ohgensha Exhibition during a student and won Ohgensha prize.

She organized an artist’s association named Shinseisakuha Kyokai in 1936, and exhibited her paint, then won a prize every year.

In 1947, she joined female painter Association to organize it, and she started to exhibit her paints at an artist’s association named Shinseisaku Kyokai, then won a prize in 1952 and became a member of the association.

In 1988, she hold two private exhibition, one is “oval and line” at Striped House Art Museum in Tokyo. Another is “time and space” at Japanese Art Gallery in Tokyo.


1954   “the abstract art” (at Brooklyn Museum of Art)

Title : Mu I
oil on canvas
Size : 6M

1956   “Today’s world art” (in Tokyo)

1960   “Guggenheim international art” (at Guggenheim Museum)

1961   “the 6th time San Paulo Biennale” and private exhibition at Tokyo Art Gallery

1979   private exhibition at 7th Gallery

1988   two private exhibitions, one was “oval and line” at Striped House Art Museum in Tokyo. The other was “time and space” at Japanese Art Gallery in Tokyo

2005   private exhibition at Japanese Art Gallery