Two Creatures 520mm×640mm Oil on Canvas drawed in 1972

Two Creatures
oil on canvas

Yuki Katsura(1913-91, born in Tokyo), who in 1935 held a solo exhibit of collage works, was a pioneer among women artists. Her career of 60 years bridged the pre- and post-war periods.

oil on canvas

Katsura’s methodology of simultaneously pursuing tactile sensations in cork and fabric collages, detailed delineation in oils, and caricaturistic depiction caught the attention of Shuzo Takiguchi and Fujita Tsuguharu before the war as manifesting a highly distinctive approach to painting. Following the war, by applying her penetrating eye for society and people to allegorical depiction, she produced richly humorous works that encourge interpretations on multiple levels. Katura continually fostered her analysis and laughter, and Japanese folk elements and the universal perspectives of the modern West.