ISOBE Yukihisa 磯辺行久

Title : Work ’62-85
Oil,marble powder,wood,paper mounted on panel
Framed/Signed, titled and dated on the reverse
Size : 72.7×60.6×5.0cm

His career was started making prints in 1950’s and he created repetitiously emblems using materials such as plaster mixed with marble ,emboss ,and water color drawings and prints in 60’s. After moving to New York in 1965, he was taken by environmental and ecological interest studying at University. At that time , he tried to integrate graphics and colors used in these scientific field with expression in the art, introducing plan and maps as a repetition into his works.


1935 born in Tokyo
1959 BDA in painting, Tokyo University of Arts
1965 move to USA
1972 MA in Regional Studies, University of Pennsylvania
1989-93 visiting Professor, graduate school of Keio University, Faculty of Environment and Information

Solo Exhibitions
2013 Yukihisa Isobe – the Fount of his Expression
2013 Yukihisa Isobe – Environment, Image, Representation-, Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Chiba
2007 Landscape – Yukihisa Isobe, Artist-Ecological Planner, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
2001 Yukihisa Isobe Frontier in Ecology, M?diath?que d’Hendaye, France
2000 Mus?e Bonnat, Bayonne, France
1999-2000 Repertory of the Origin, Paris, France
1998 Galerie Fernand L?ger, Paris
1997 Yukihisa Isobe Ecology and Expression, Hillside Forum, Tokyo
1996 Ecological Context P3 art and environment, Tokyo
1994 Nantenshi Gallery SOKO, Tokyo
1965 Galleria del Cavallino, Venezia
1962 Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
2015 The Rinpa Image, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Kyoto
2013 Art Setouchi 2013, Kagawa
2009 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2009, Niigata (’00, ’03, ’06)
Water and Land Art Festival, Niigata
2007 Gobelins 1607-2007, National Gallery of Gobelins, Paris
2004 Reconsideration: Modern Japanese Painting 1900-2000, Museum of Tokyo University of Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
2001 ART TODAY 2001 SANGAI, Sezon Museum of Art, Nagano
1997 Japanese Summer―1960~1964, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki
1970 Earth Day for environmental association (creation of Air Dome), New York
1969 Phoenix House Summer Happening 1969, Heart Island, New York
1965 Painting and Sculpture of New Japan, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Modern Art, New York
1963 7th Sao Paulo Biennale, Sao Paulo
1956 8th Yomiuri Independent, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo

Collection・Public Art
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka
Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
Ohara Museum of Art (commissioned work; wall painting)